Modern Vintage Classic Model
Modern Vintage Georgetowner Coastie
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We just completed our flagship model. A replica of a vintage bicycle, complete with an antique drop handlebar (Olympic Velodrome size). The frame is 55.5 inches and she is equipped with Aero wheels with matching color pedals and chain. This elegant ride is crowned with a hand made leather saddle and can easily be upgraded to a leather handle bar wrap before delivery.
Prices start at $500. The replica below is being introduced to our clientele at $450. Leather handle bar wrap is an additional charge.
The newest construction below is also a 56cm special order which is also available to the general public for $500. Delivery not included. 
Full leather saddle and matching leather handles (sand stitched by hand).
Innovative coaster brake system (Coasties of Seattle).
Hand forged all aluminum wheels.
Impressive color combination.
Innovative road bike coaster break allows you to coast and slow to a stop as you pedal backwards. 
INTRODUCING THE ALL-ALUMINUM "GEORGETOWNER"...a perfect balance of style, maneuverability and light weight, fully equipped with a COASTER BRAKE to make it easy to coast and stop under any circumstances. This model is on sale for $450.
COMING SOON...our newest ALL-ALUMINUM "Georgetowner" Although our hardcore fixie customers prefer solid steel construction for sturdiness, stability and handling, a handful of members of our blog have asked for modern vintage lightweight bikes. We heard you and we are putting the finishing touches on our latest, lighter model. 
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